May 22, 2018

When to Pay Someone to Care for Your Yard

It is a business frenzy out there, and as spring turns into summer, there seems to be an overpopulation of lawn care, landscaping, and yard service businesses toting their equipment trailers around town.

Not for the first time you’ve wondered who is lazy enough to pay someone else to take care of their yard, which is followed closely by the question, “Could I get away with that, too?” You might even prefer to take care of your own yard, but here are four reasons that could justify the hire of a local company to do it for you.

You Don’t Have the Equipment
If you’re a new homeowner, you may not own a lawn mower yet, so it could be a better situation for you to hire someone who already does. But seasoned homeowners could have similar issues.

Their mower may need repair or they can never get it to function properly. Your intricate landscaping may need specialized edgers and cutters that can get pricey for one person. In this case, a small company who can provide the right tools is a great option to have.

You Don’t Have the Time
Keeping your yard weed-free can be a full-time hassle on top of all the prep work that needs to happen when spring comes. The routine task of lawn fertilization on its own takes more thought than filling the spreader and pushing it around the yard. So what kind of time do you have available?

If the thought of taking care of your yard stresses you out because of time constraints on top of your already busy work and family life, hiring out can be a godsend. It’s a bonus if the cost of hire allows you to bring in more funds that will offset the extra expense.

Your Yard Requires Specialized Care
Let’s think about that fancy landscaping design you have again. If cleaning it up needs specialized tools, it might need the specialized skills of a professional, too. Landscaping companies are a good investment if you want certified professionals keeping your yard vibrant.

Professionals not only do top-notch work, they have the expertise to fix problems like weed infestations and to suggest the best products and processes that will keep your yard and garden healthy.

Your Health Doesn’t Allow it
Sure, you’ve taken on the yard work for your home single-handedly every year since the year you moved in, but if your health has changed, you might want to back off for awhile. Letting someone else handle it for a few weeks or the whole season will give you the recovery time your body really needs.

If you’re more easily fatigued, experiencing problems with your back, hips, or knees, or have suffered from a recent injury, you can aggravate the problem by diving into the involved manual labor of yard care. To make sure you can return to the yard work you love so much, you can turn the reins over to a dependable team that will leave you in good shape for a comeback.