June 18, 2018

5 Toasty Meals for a Rainy Day

Rainy days can sometimes be few and far between, so when they come up, we want to make the most of them cozied up at home.

You may love curling up on the couch with a fluffy blanket where you can binge-watch a favorite show, dive into an intriguing book, or doze off with the sound of rain on the windows. Or you might be restive, anxious to pound the pavement with a good workout while you get blissfully soaked.

With your chosen activity will come the need of a delicious rainy day meal that will warm you up inside--aside from your mug of coffee, of course.

Mac and Cheese
If your rainy days are classic and easy going, mac and cheese will definitely fit your style. And why not skip over the box and make your own? It’s surprisingly quick to make, and it will be so good you probably won’t want to go back to the box.

Use your favorite pasta noodles instead of macaroni (I’m a fan of mini shells or fusilli). Creating a white sauce is one of the easiest things you can do. Thicken up your mixture of butter, flour, and milk, then add a combination of your favorite cheeses and cooking spices.

For anyone that loves grilling, indoors or out, a juicy burger can be especially delicious on a rainy day. Form the perfect hamburger patties, adding any seasonings you can’t get enough of, and get them sizzling for a few minutes while you bake some crispy fries, too.

If you prefer a healthy potatoes version, whip up some mashed potatoes and switch out the burger for your favorite cut of steak or chicken.

Clam Chowder
Rainy days are the obvious companion for a good, hearty soup, and anyone who loves seafood knows that means clam chowder is on its way. Even better, you can start with the same basic white sauce you use for your mac and cheese.

You can use a combination of spices, including cloves, garlic, and thyme, to get that New England taste. Your potatoes, chopped celery, and onion will do wonders for the flavor, too, and if you can get your hands on fresh clams, you’ll thank yourself. Don’t forget the oyster crackers!

French Dip
You can’t go wrong with a toasted sandwich either, but if you want to go the extra mile, French dip will get you there. Better yet, your slow-cooker will do most of the work for you.

Once the meat is falling apart, you can reduce some of the leftover juices into your au jus. All that’s left to do is toast your bread or buns, shred the roast, then pile it all together with some provolone cheese.

Chicken Quesadillas
Sometimes a dreary rainy day needs some pizzazz infused into it, and a chicken quesadilla is the perfect choice to get that kick. And because quesadillas are already so easy, dressing it up a bit will take hardly any extra preparation.

Start your tortilla in a pan on the stovetop, then layer on your cheese, sliced chicken, and more cheese. If you love veggies, peppers, onions, and avocado are great additions before topping it all with a second tortilla and flipping to get a crispy outer shell. Finish it off by grabbing sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and your favorite hot sauce.