June 5, 2010

PetZoom: Grooming Brush

This is not a sponsored post.

A few months ago I purchased a PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush for our dog. He's been shedding lately and I hate to clean his mess all the time. I saw this on TV and I thought of buying this product to see if it really works.
I first trimmed his hair and I used grooming brush for final touch. I can tell it works because I don't see any loose hair anymore.
If you hate grooming your pet with a wire brush, tugging, pulling and making a mess all over the floor, then you need PetZoom, the new self-cleaning, pain-free way to groom your pet right at home. This unique brush head has soft, rubber bristles that gently massage your pet's coat, loosening dirt and dander while untangling mats for a deeper cleaning. It can be used for dogs or cats with short, long or curly hair.