November 9, 2010

Vancouver Attractions

Are you looking for some great Vancouver attractions? Why not check out Capilano Group of Companies. They comprise of retail, hospitality and tourism which is based in Vancouver's popular tourist attractions. This company was purchased in 1983 by Nancy Stibbard and has increased the attraction development in an alarming rate. This company employs over two hundred people to give you the experience you deserve. They own Moraine Lake Lodge and Cathedral Mountain Lodge where you can enjoy a beautifully dense forest on the edge of the Kicking Horse River. So if you are looking for great destination to visit, you should checkout the Capilano Group of Companies today.


Unknown said...

wow! it's a nice place ever. .Thanks for sharing:)
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Junneth said...

the name itself tells this is a place to uncover! Vancouver! Wonderful place indeed!