December 21, 2010

Baby Clothes

I was talking to my college friend on skype a week ago, she is now living in Germany with her husband. It’s been a long time since we chatted. I just found out that she is expecting a baby girl pretty soon. Her due date is on the 3rd week of January, so I was thinking of sending her some baby clothes. I wish she lives next door, I will definitely throw a baby shower for her. But since she lives in Germany, sending a baby shower gift is an awesome idea. Right?!


nuts said...

a baby is a blessing.. just a thought of sending baby clothes is such a sweet gesture..

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Its fun shopping for baby clothes but their are expensive bisag gamay ra nga panamton nagamit

Lulu Post said...

hoist mami shy wala nay barato ron hehehe