November 3, 2011

Perfect Gift for Christmas

Since Christmas is coming up, I have been looking around for toys to get for my daughter. One cool thing that I know she would love is some fijitfriends. There are different fijit friends with different personalities that your child might enjoy. For example, Willa, who is purple, is the trendy one. She enjoys fashion and understands the latest trends. The Sage is the adventurous one. She is great for a scavenger hunts. There is also Serafini who loves to talk girly talk and then there is Logan who is the sporty one and loves to show off his hi-tech gadgets. These friends can understand more than 30 verbal commands. They also have over 150 built-in phrases and jokes. They can even close their eyes when they sleep. So if you are looking for a cool toy for your child, you should checkout the fijitfriends which will be your daughters BFF forever.


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