November 28, 2012

Top Uses for Grip Seal Bags

Grip seal bags are very versatile packaging options for almost anything, from edibles to jewelry to hardware tools. These are plastic bags with a resealable lip, which makes it easy to open and close. These bags also lock air in, sealing the contents and protecting them from dust, dirt, or moisture.
Top Uses for Grip Seal Bags
These self-sealing bags can be used for storing various items such as:
• Food
• Jewelry
• Bathing suits
• Underwear
• Toiletries
• Fruits
• Baking materials
These are just a very few of the functions of these bags. Because it is plastic, you can store moist items, such as wet bathing suits, so you can place them inside your bag. The transparent quality of the material also allows you to use this type of packing bag for organizing your storage spaces. Plastic grip sealing bags are also great for storing miscellaneous items so they do not clutter up your desk.

These bags are great for keeping fruits fresh in the fridge. You can segregate different types of fruits in the fridge without worrying about one fruit contaminating another. They also keep the odor in, so your fridge won't smell funky no matter how many kinds of produce you have in there.

Types of Grip Seal Bags
These bags are classified according to the strength of the material use. Plain plastic bags are used for everyday purposes such as storing food or art materials. Stronger types of bags are used for industrial purposes from storing hardware materials such as nails to details. Industrial bags have a capacity of up to 300 grams, making them durable enough to store heavy items.

Companies like also offer medical grip sealing bags, which are designed for storing medical lab specimens. These bags are made for secure storage of both wet and dry lab specimens and can be stored in ice to maintain the required temperature. They also offer plain grip sealing bags and bags with attached slots for labels. These bags are great for labeling items for storage in the drawer, the pantry, or your closet. The bags are also great for storing the kid's lunches.