December 11, 2012

Glade Bonus Pack

I bought quite a few packs of Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit at Walmart a few days ago. Thank goodness for the $3.00 coupons. Each bonus pack costs $5.98.
I used 8 of $3.00 coupons and got a total of 16 Oil Diffuser Start kits. Just do the math for me because I'm pretty much sure I saved some bucks with this deal.


J Rye said...

Such a good deal sis, you're a great couponer!

Shydub said...

naks pakyaw galore bayot. with coupon pa jd maayo ng ginaingon nga wais si lumen heheheheh. mayao na tsang ky daghan ug reserva ba. great saving pa jd kaayo ang coupon ky 3 bucks kaayo

Jessica Cassidy said...

Woohoo! What a great deal that is Momi Dhemz...are there any left for me? Those coupons sure thing save you bucks. What a smart shopper you are :-) Thank you Momi Dhemz for sharing this to BPC

Deli said...

It sure looks like you made a great deal :) Followed you on Networked Blogs, hope you could do likewise :)

lencilicious said...

Yeah you save about 50% of the actual price. Pretty good deal sis.

emzkie said...

that is a pretty good deal mommy dhemz! i dont want to do the math because it makes my head hurts. lol.
mutuo dyud ko sa imong sulti. hehehehe

from BPC

Rcel said...

Asa man akong comment diri Dhemz? Wa nimo gi-published? Lol.

Ingon ko, naibog ko sa imong good steal kay diri, wala ko kakita ug twin pack ana nga Glade. Lamia unta kaayo ana. :D

Balik ko na ko diri from BPC, ;-)

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