December 18, 2012

Tips on Modern Bathroom Lighting and Design

Modern bathroom lighting comes in many different designs meant to satisfy every taste so it is important to know that before making any hasty decisions. Before going further you should know that professionals always recommend several light sources in every room and the bathroom is no exception. In fact given the numerous purposes of this room it only makes sense to have the best possible lighting to provide superior illumination for whatever the given task at hand may be.

There must be both general and task lighting in a space so install light sources in the ceiling as well as on the walls. Pot lights are great for the ceiling providing the perfect amount of general lighting especially when connected to a dimmer switch. In addition to pots consider installing pendant lights which beautifully enhance the features in room by providing interest and more light for specialized tasks. You will even be able to find complementary wall sconces to tie it all in and achieve a uniform look. Of course to facilitate shaving the application of makeup or what have you consider investing in a lighted vanity mirror. You would be amazed at how much better you will be able to see as even the smallest of details will be more evident thereby helping you look your best and provide a dramatic effect in the room at the same time.

There are special considerations to be made however when decorating a space in a modern theme with the most important ones being the straight lines and lack of fussiness. Modern design although simple is still very elegant. The straight lines should be reflected throughout the room including the fixtures. Look for polished or brushed nickel which are extremely popular metal finishes but others can also work so long as they match the hardware throughout the space. Whatever the case it is important to understand that lighting is one of the biggest elements in interior design even though it is one of the most overlooked elements by amateur decorators. Each fixture should be observed for its beauty and its illumination qualities making a space more impressive interesting and attractive.
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