December 14, 2017

Stocking Stuffer Alternatives for Candy

Stockings have been a tradition for centuries, since St. Nicholas would leave treats for children in their socks in Eastern Europe. And now, parents around the world give their children stockings for Christmas every year, filled with treats, generally of the sugary variety. This year, a cosmetic dentistry in Farmington has put together a list of stocking stuffer alternatives that are not candy.

1. Gift Cards
Find a place that your kids like to go, a favorite restaurant, store, or movie theater and purchase gift cards to place in their stockings.

2. Favorite Snacks
Do your children have a favorite non-candy snack? Try granola bars, oranges, crackers, and 100% fruit juice boxes.

3. Stuffed Animals
Get them little stuffed animals. Find their favorite animal or some cute Christmas animals to surprise them with.

4. Legos
Kids love building with Legos. And these fun toys allow them to discover their creativity.

5. Toy Cars
If you have little boys, toy cars are the perfect stocking stuffer. They’ll love opening up new cars to drive around on Christmas morning.

6. Books
Find some fun small books – activity books, books for reading, anything that will fit into the stocking. Books are a great way to promote learning!

7. Stickers
Stickers are so fun for kids. You can even include a mini notebook for them to place the stickers in.

8. Make Up
If you have older girls, make up is a great alternative to candy (and they might like it a lot more too).
A sparkly cup of makeup brushes surrounded my a vase with a plant, and a jar of more makeup brushes
9. Jewelry
Jewelry is a great stocking stuffer for girls of all ages.

10. Hats and Mittens
Warm winter accessories are a great stocking stuffer for Christmas time. And they can use them throughout the rest of the winter.