December 18, 2017

3 Christmas Treats Your Pets Can Enjoy

Holidays are a time for giving and enjoy the company of our close friends and family, and that often involves a lot of edible Christmas goodies. During the holiday season our pets tend to get left out with all of the yummy treats their people are constantly eating. Well, this year they don’t have to be! Some vets in Idaho Falls have put together this awesome list of yummy treats for you to make your pets this Christmas.
1. Homemade Dog Treats
When you make a batch of sugar cookies for your kids to enjoy, whip up a batch of these simple homemade dog treats for your furry children to enjoy! All it takes is some flour, baking soda, sunflower butter (or peanut butter), coconut milk, and molasses.
Find the full recipe at This Mama Cooks.
2. Christmas Tree Cookies
These cookies use essentially the same ingredients as the first treat on this list, but they also include a yummy icing to decorate with. When your dog sees you grab a cookie from the counter, give them one of these so they can enjoy the goodies too!
Find the full recipe at DogVills.
3. Candy Cane Dog Biscuits
The best part about this awesome treat is that they are naturally colored with beet juice! Nothing artificial in these pup treats. The next time you need a candy cane fixing, let your fur baby enjoy these candy canes too. They have just a touch of peppermint so they can experience the minty freshness too!
Find the full recipe at DogVills.
Your pets deserve some yummy treats during the holidays too! And if you are among those that give their pets gifts on Christmas, these are some easy treats you can make with items you likely already have in your cupboard.