January 17, 2018

9 Ways You Can Start Saving The Earth

We hear more in the news every day about plastic and pollution in the ocean and air. What’s going to happen if this continues? Is Disney Pixar’s film Wall-E going to be our reality?
Imagine a world where everyone did their part to prepare a more sustainable planet for the future. It’s beautiful! Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. But it takes one person to start a trend, and many, many people are already implementing an earth-friendly lifestyle.
We’ve partnered with BiologiQ, a company that manufactures eco-friendly plastic resin pellets, to compile this list of ways that you can start saving the earth today.
Save Energy
  1. Change your light bulbs. Switch your incandescent bulbs out for compact fluorescent bulbs.
  2. Live where you work. Work from home when possible. If that isn’t possible, then try riding your bike to work or carpooling a couple times a week to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Adjust your thermostat. Simply increase your thermostat by 1 degree in the summer and decrease it by 1 degree in the winter. You probably won’t notice much of a difference, and it will save you so much on energy consumption!
Save Water
  1. Take short showers. Keep your showers under ten minutes to save on water. Shower with your spouse or partner to keep water costs down.
  2. Go vegetarian. Even having a vegetarian meal once or twice a week can help save on water. It takes 2500 lbs of water to produce a single pound of beef.
  3. Fix the toilet. Is your toilet leaky? Fixing that can save your gallons and gallons of water each day. Don’t let your water run constantly. And if you’re not sure how to fix it, find someone like this Idaho Falls plumber to help you out.
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  1. Reduce trash. Save your earth-friendly scraps and turn them into compost: coffee grounds, fruit and veggie scraps, paper.
  2. Reuse. Reuse your shopping bag, or buy a reusable shopping bag for the next time you’re out.
  3. Recycle. Recycle everything that you can. Recycle tin cans, plastic, cardboard. You can even recycle the bigger things like electronics. Recycle car batteries for cash! Do a little research to discover all of the many recyclable things in your home.
It doesn’t take much to do any of the items on this list. If you can start just one, you can make a difference.