February 16, 2018

How to Dress Appropriately for a Fun Family Farm Tour

Taking a visit down to the farm is a super exciting way to spend the day with the family. Farm tours show families how their food, clothing, and household goods are produced. In addition, the children get to greet the animals; this translates into a fun, messy day! By dressing in the correct attire, the family can have fun without worrying about their clothing choices.
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Avoid Open Toe Shoes
Open toe shoes are never a good idea on a farm. In shoes like flip flops, it is very easy to slip on wet surfaces, get the stuck in the mud, or get stepped on by an animal. Instead, the entire family should wear boots, galoshes, or heavy duty tennis shoes that will protect the feet. The higher up the calf that the shoes reach, the more protection there is from mud and water too. 

Wearing Thick, Comfortable Jeans
One of the best types of pants to wear is thick and very comfortable jeans. While it is unlikely that there would be an issue, it is always smart to wear clothing that can be moved in easily when spending time around livestock. Even though the animals may be very docile, unforeseen events (such as a nearby automotive accident) could send herd animals into a panic. It is important to be able to react quickly. Jeans are also fairly easy to wash mud out of, and they protect the legs very well from thorny plants and insects.

Holding It All Together
To add a bit of country flair, try pairing a western cowboy hat with the outfit. This will serve to keep the sun out of the eyes, too. Next, tuck in a button up shirt, and use country girl belts to secure the jeans around the waist. Tuck the legs of the jeans into the boots, with the socks overlapping over the jeans. For the true farm environment, this dressing procedure helps to prevent ticks from biting the family. They are given almost no entry point within the clothing, especially on the lower body. 

Protecting the Hands
Always keep a pair of gloves on hand for each member of the family when visiting the farm. Not only can things get messy, but they can protect small fingers from being nibbled on by the animals. They are also good for picking pumpkins, blackberries, blueberries, and more.

With the right outfit, a trip to the farm will be incredibly fun. The key is to wear something that's comfortable, ready to get dirty, and protective. It never hurts to give it a cute country twist, either!