February 22, 2018

5 Children’s Books To Encourage Exercise

Many children today are entranced by electronics and their mobile devices. While there can be benefits to monitored and moderate use of these devices, they often are used so much that they take away from other areas of a child’s life - like physical fitness and playing with friends.

Socialization and physical health are so important in young, developing children. Because of this, a pediatric clinic helped us put together this list of books to encourage exercise in your little ones.

In this book, one of our favorite fairytale characters helps to teach his friends about physical fitness. He encourages them and teaches them how to exercise after he outruns them all in a race of strength and wits. It teaches children the importance of working out with a fun twist on a classic.

Some kids like the facts, plain and simple. This nonfiction book about the importance of playing and getting proper exercise will show your kids some fun activities that they can do with their friends to stay happy and healthy.

This book combines healthy eating with fun family activities. The family in the book goes on a picnic, to the farmers’ market, the grocery store, and has fun participating in a variety of activities together. It shows children that eating healthy and staying active can be a fun adventure every day.

Yoga Bunny uses an adorable creature to teach your children beginning yoga steps. In this fun book, Yoga Bunny teaches his friends how to do yoga, and your kids can follow along with each of the different poses. Sometimes running fast and staying busy is good, but it’s also important to slow down sometimes for some good quality yoga and mindfulness.

The Busy Body Book teaches children how all the different parts of their body work together so they can exercise and be healthy. With an array of fun activities and education about the importance of getting enough exercise and staying active, this book will get your child motivated to get the fitness they need each day.