April 30, 2018

6+ Reusable Items to Start Using

Everyone is pumped about being more environmentally friendly, but when it comes time to make personal changes, it can be difficult to think of everyday items you use that can be switched out for something either recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable.

Give yourself a refresher with these 6+ things, and chances are your creative juices will kick in to come up with even more ideas.

Water Bottle
Let’s start off easy. Bottled water is so convenient, but it conveniently lends itself to the 50 million bottles used by Americans in a year. And don’t forget the plastic particles found in bottled water that make their way straight into your body.

Buying a case of 24 one-use bottles may be easy, but it’s even easier to grab a water bottle you like and fill it at the tap. There are filtered versions, too, for those who are more leery of their water source.

Wool Dryer Balls
Who forgot about all those wasted dryer sheets in the laundry room? Take them off your shopping list and get a set of wool dryer balls instead.

Toss them in with a medium-sized load and you’ll be amazed that they not only soften your clothes, but they separate them, meaning they dry quicker, and they also remove lint. You can even add essential oils so your laundry comes out smelling wonderful.

Takeaway Containers
If you love your takeaway, start saving those containers. They’re the perfect size to use when packing lunch to the office and they seem to last forever. You can also invest in some great durable containers and jars for storing larger amounts of food.

Reusable Bags
Think about how many plastic bags you leave the grocery store with when you stock up on food for the week. Not only do these add to the plastic problem, they help you justify buying several extra things you hadn’t planned on.

Protect the environment and your budget by investing in reusable shopping bags. Most stores are starting to sell these at the register, and you can find them in several different sizes. There are even bags especially for your produce, and reusable bags for storage and snacks. The next time you stop off at the store, bring a bag with you, and if you absolutely need a plastic bag, make sure the store is using ones made from special biodegradable plastic resin pellets.

Travel Utensil Set
Get in the habit of keeping a utensil kit around. Whether you’re grabbing takeout, eating a picnic, or hiking into the mountains, these are a better bet than one-use plastic utensils. They’re easy to wash and easy to store. You can find sets that are super basic, too, or something a bit sturdier and fancier if you plan on using them quite a bit.

General Paper Products
Don’t overlook the paper products used in your bathroom and kitchen. It’s easy to switch out paper towels and napkins for dish rags and cloth napkins. If you buy a stack of cotton rounds every few weeks to remove makeup, switch them out for a set that can be washed and reused instead.

And if you’re really ready to make the change, there are reusable cloth wipes and toilet paper, too. Pick a few things to try out, and before you know it,  you’ll have gone paperless.