April 25, 2018

6 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

Even when you’re trying your hardest, it can be a struggle to be positive and happy. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would come by and do something to make the day suck a little less? Well, let’s make that person you.

So here’s your challenge: the next time you notice someone really having a bad day, take stock of the situation and do something to remind them that not all humans are trying to tear them down. Check out these 6 prompts to help you get prepared. You’ll be amazed at how changing someone else’s mood will change your own, too.

Say Hello with a Smile
Whether you say it to someone you see every day or a stranger on the street, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they’ll smile back at you.

Don’t worry if your smile isn’t perfect (a Burke periodontist can help with that later if you’re really worried) because a friend will care more that you’re smiling at them rather than just that you’re smiling. At least for one moment in the day, they’ll have something to be pleased about.

Pick up the Check
It’s always fun to treat someone, especially when they’re having a bad day and could use a kind gesture. And it doesn’t have to be when you’re out to dinner; taking care of someone’s grocery bill or a parking ticket while you’re waiting at the DMV will help ease their stress and they’ll be motivated to pass it on to someone else.

Devote Some Time
With the busy world we live in, it’s so easy to put your nose to the grindstone just so you can get your work done as soon as possible. But things don’t wait to come up until you’re good and ready for them. If a friend needs help or someone to listen, devote a few hours to them without any distractions.

Maybe you’ll have to cancel a date or reschedule a meeting. But despite the complexities, you won’t regret giving someone the support they need. You’ll be able to rearrange things so it can all still get done.

Don’t Hold Back on Compliments
Have you ever been surprised to receive a compliment on your style, personality, or work ethic? It feels good when people recognize the effort you put in or how you contribute to the community you live in, so share that feeling with someone else.

It can be easy to keep some of those thoughts to yourself, but it never hurts to let someone know what you admire about them. A compliment can also tell people something good about themselves that they might not have known before. How cool would it be if you were the one to enlighten them?

Share your Reactions
Remember, these should still be positive! Some of the most light-hearted moments are those when you tell your friend a joke and a stranger nearby laughs. So if you’re amused by something or excited to see someone, don’t hide it. Your appreciation may be the pick-me-up they’ve been waiting for.

Let Them Go First
How many times have you been in rush hour traffic and let someone into your lane begrudgingly? You might have muttered a few curse words and glared at them angrily, too. In high-stress situations where everyone is a snapped twig away from losing their patience, you can help make it better or worse.

Whether you’re sitting in traffic, waiting to check out at the store, or herding on to the bus, you can make a little space for someone else. And it may not be much space, but they’ll recognize it as a generous offer. It might even lighten the heavy thoughts they’ve been carrying.