April 14, 2018

The Most Ridiculous Myths About Acne

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Acne is something that everyone seems to have an opinion about, whether they're plagued with this annoying skin condition or not. Just about every acne sufferer has heard some silly supposed "cure" or has been told that all they need to do is wash their face. To help dispel misconceptions about blemishes, here are some of the most ridiculous myths about acne.

"People get acne due to poor hygiene."

It's true that blemishes can be the result of unclean or greasy skin. However, it's rare that an acne sufferer can be blamed for his or her blemishes. Even the cleanest people who wash their face twice a day can suffer for acne. The answer to this pervasive skin condition can rarely be found through soap and water and usually requires a trip to a Denver dermatology clinic.

"Only teenagers suffer from acne."

Many young acne sufferers will be told that the condition will disappear once they reach their twenties. While it's true that acne clears up in adulthood for some sufferers, many people who experience acne in their teens will continue to throughout their adult lives as well. Calling acne an adolescent-specific skin condition is quite inaccurate.

"Acne sufferers need pricey skincare products to cure their blemishes."

Sadly, many beauty companies use people's desperation to rid themselves of acne to make money. While there are some great products on the market that combat acne, acne sufferers don't need expensive serums or treatments to fight their blemishes. What they need is a great dermatologist and a simple skincare routine that treats and exfoliates.

Acne isn't the result of bad hygiene and it can't be fought with pricy spa products. Acne is a genetic condition that needs to be combatted sensibly with a good skincare routine and a knowledgable dermatologist.