July 9, 2018

5 Ways to Get your Food Storage Way More Organized

Food, food, and more food; here’s where you can put it and still have your pantry look neat and tidy.
A kitchen is an important part of most people’s homes and is usually the center of all the action because of one thing, food.
Food is essential, but sometimes it can seem like it’s creeping out of every cupboard and countertop, and it gets harder and harder to control it and keep it clean and organized.
From all the baking supplies to all the kids’ favorite cereals, it can be hard to know where to put it all and still have it be accessible to everyone who needs it.
But there are ways to make sure that everything fits in your cupboards or pantry, and is well-organized at the same time.
Here are five ways to get your food storage way more organized in ways that will make you and your family happy, because it means that they will know exactly where their favorite treats always are and you will know that there isn’t a giant mess. 

1. Clear containers
This might seem like a strange solution for food storage woes, but clear containers will not only look nicer in your cupboards or pantry, but it will ensure that you can see the contents of each container lot easier than most of the containers that the foods come in.
Your food storage needs likely won’t require dome technology to contain them, so you should be able to find a variety of sizes of the containers to house everything properly.
Just make sure they are air-tight so nothing gets in and out, and you will be happy to find how great they look and the accessibility to your food that they provide you. 

2. Roll or pull out shelves 
What if you or your family didn’t have to reach into super high or super low cupboards and rummage around for what you needed anymore?
Roll out or pull-out shelves take away the annoying task of having to rifle through everything to find what you need, that way the contents inside those cupboards are more likely to stay organized and well-kept instead of disheveled and all over the place. 

3. Use things you already have
Can’t afford a full pantry makeover? That’s ok! There are actually some things you probably already have in your pantry or cupboards that you can actually use to get organized.
One easy but very functional idea is to take your extra baking tray and put smaller things on top of it, and you can use that to slide in and out of your shelves just like a roll out.
Another idea to organize your pots and pans is to use a letter-organizer to divide and place your different cooking utensils or pans.
Another way to do this is by a couple small tension rods and place them in your cupboards to divide the pans up and create more space for the things you need to store. 

4. Use hooks and magnets 
Hooks and magnets are great tools to help you use previously unused space to hang things up and out of the way.
You can create a place to hang oven mitts with some hooks and use magnets or a magnetic board for things like metal spatulas or stirring spoons.
You can even use hangers with clips to clip foods shut and then hang them on the hooks you put up. Not only are you saving space you are using things you can easily find around the house. 

5. Convert other household items for your needs 
Don’t have a good place to store your spices? Use a hanging shoe rack! You can hang it in your pantry cupboard and wah-lah! Your spices have a place that is both organized and easily accessible.
Something else you might have laying around the house that you can use is old crates, which you can put on the bottom of your pantry to hold things or even some boxes could work too.