July 10, 2010

You're Invited!

It's my first time to host a giveaway contest! Wohooo! I am going to give away some FREE stuff from Vegas and after this contest there will be another 2 sets of giveaways. This is open to all bloggers worldwide. Eight (8) lucky winners will be chosen through random.org (I'll provide a video during the drawings).

The criteria is very easy. Here's all you need to do:
1. Subscribe to my blog
2. Follow my blog
3. Add my blog/X-links
4. Blog about the contest

Prizes + a surprise gift:
(1) Las Vegas T-shirt (size: L)
(1) Las Vegas Hat
(3) Las Vegas Key Holder
(2) Las Vegas Pen
(1) Las Vegas Nail Buffer

The contest will run until 11:59 pm US time on July 10, 2010.


Lisa said...

Hi! Joined your contest. Please add your badge and link in my site, too! Thanks :)


Have a great morning! :)

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Ka nice oi..weeeee... I would love to win!

I am ur follower mommy Dhemz!

Adin B

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I already added ur blog and x-linked it. :) hehehe...

Adin B

Chubskulit Rose said...

I posted it sis but wag mo na iadd dito hehehe. Nawala ba followers mo dito? Ang alam ko follower na ako dati, or am I dreaming lol..

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I joined your contest,I'm now a follower and also a subscriber. :)

♥FreakyehS♥ said...

Maayo ky imu gi promtoe ning shopping blog tsang, sayang mn gd ky domain nya dili siya ma expose, tuanani siya sd sa akong Megamall hehehehe. Goodluck sa giveaway bayot. well post this one later.

nuts said...

i shall return! hehe. added, followed, subscribed.. i'll make a post later.. :)

Cecile said...

done all the requirements, dhemz....my post is here: www.mcrjk2008.com

Sherry said...

blogged http://sherlovecontest.blogspot.com/2010/06/giveaways-from-vegas.html

follower sherry

subscribed sherrygo at rocketmail dot com

the linky no show up wait so long :(

Sherry said...

just manage submit the link, oh yeah alsoadded this blog to side bar roll :D

Cacai M.'s Place said...

madam sis, done all the requirements. Check it out.. hehehe.. woizzt kamo jud ni mommy Rose og Hopeful inyo jud ko gipa-apil2x aning giveaway/contest nga sus waz pa jud ko sukad nakadaog sukad sa pagkabata.. lol.. kalooy, baje ra ba.. lol.. bitaw, am just kidding aside but am serious.. :( Anyway, basta oi.. I hope nga makakuha ko bisa'g isa lang.. lol.. bitaw dli nlng ko maghandom nga makadaog ky wla lagi amor nko ang contest. Good luck to me nlng and to all.. muahhh!

Cacai M. said...

ako diay email add: cacai_nad (at) gmail (dot) com and you know the others with the mechanics.. i-show all lang madam sis akong BlogRoll ky basi'g ni-uk ok pagvisit nmo.. sge.. ~kisses~

his unfailing love said...

wow, this is cool dhemz, I will try to join hopefully soon... I'll be back

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Julie, I joined the contest.
- subscribed to your blog; julie_vilbar@hotmail.com
- followed your blog ; name - jules67
- added to blogroll ; http://www.thelink22.com/
- blogged about the contest: included in the linky tools


EnAirRaH said...

Hi Ateh thanks for the thoughtful invitation. Joining the contest :)

1. Subscribe to my blog
Check (/) - hyannecalwill(a)gmaildotcom
2. Follow my blog
Check (/) - Ryheanne
3. Add my blog/X-links
Check (/) - on my blog list
4. Blog about the contest
Check (/) - My entry

Thanks again, nice souvenir!

Karen Chayne said...

Hi Sis!

wala pud ko nagpa ulahi... thanks for the invite diay to join your lovely contest.

subscribed to your blog;

- followed your blog ; name - kayeshayne

- ikaw lang ang na a sa akong blogroll ... hehehehe!;


- blogged about the contest:


ug gi butang pud nako imong badge sa kilid sa akong blog.

Salamat Sis ug good luck sa ako ug sa among tanan... nyahahaha!

Anonymous said...

hi sis,
I subscribe to you
Blog about his giveaway^^,

email: krischias@yahoo.com

anne said...

Hi mommy Ive joined the contest check it out, I think I already finish with lal the mechanics, just let me know if may kulang hehehe.... tsalamat

Chie Wilks said...

Hello sis..just made a blog post about ur giveaway today.

Here is the link:

Already added, followed and subscribed this blog.

Good luck to all participants and Thank you sis for hosting.

bambie said...

hi dhemz! i joined your giveaway. http://www.bambiesturf.com/2010/06/demcys-giveaway.html

i am your latest follower (sunshine is the name i used) and i have also subscribed using this e-mail addy: bamie18@yahoo.com.

thanks for hosting this giveaway!☺

bambie said...

btw, i also added your link sa blog roll ko.☺

Mhel said...


#1: I subscribed to your blog using my email: blankpixels0 (at) yahoo.com

#2: Followed your blog through Google connect using this account I'm using to comment.

#3: Added your contest and blog badges on BannerLuv'n on my sidebar:

#4: I already blogged about this awesome giveaway:

I also tweeted about this contest:


Thank you for this giveaway, Dhemz!
And good luck to all of us who joined! :)

analou said...

Wow ang daming sumali dhemz. Sana lucky ako...

nuts said...

I'm back.. hihi. already added my link in Mclinky.. but will post here the url too..
goodluck to us all! :)

His Unfailing Love said...

Hi, glad to make it! I'm joining na,
here's the link: Giveaways from Las Vegas"/>

His Unfailing Love said...

I already followed you and added your link with the badge on my sidebar. And I had also subscribed using greenerlife03 at gmail dot com.

Blessings to your contest...

Lady Patchy said...

late na yata ako .makahabol nga .

Lady Patchy said...

joined already.followed ,subscribed ,blogged about your contest ,put your contest badge on my right side bar.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

im joining here.. brb after i blogged about this =)

goyo said...

goodluck.Ü kala ko writing contest.goodluck pa din po.

Jag said...

at nag-join ako hahaha sana swertehin hehehe...just posted something about this hehehe...

AC said...

sister! pa join ako! gawin ko lahat maya maya ha? basta, sali ako! hehehe...

DeejSpeaks said...

I joined po.=D Goodluck sa lahat ng sumali!

Unknown said...

Hallo sis, finally I'm done posting this contest and doing other requirements.

Here's my post

Added your link na, subscribed as myadventure10 at yahoo dot com and followed your blog as hopeful

Hinaut intawon dunggon sa tagbalay akong ampo nga mkadaug ko. hehehe. I love that Las Vegas Hat.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

I joined =) followed all the mechanics

Clarissa said...

Done the mechanics,Mommy Dhemz!Paki-delete na lang yung isang link--error po.thanks!

Good luck to your giveaway contest!!
btw,nasa sidebar ko pala ang giveaway button mo^_^

Ta Bengit said...

Hi Dhemz! Just registered to follow through friend connect. Nice give-aways huh?! Congrats in advance to the would be winners!

Tita Beng said...

Opps coming back to correct my name. It's my laptop's fault. Nagja-jump na lang sya without me knowing! May diperensya na 'to talaga. Sorry!

AC said...

I'm joining!!! Done all the requirements, mommy dhemz!!! I would love to win all these! and na excite pa ako sa surprise gift... yohoo!!!

Sendo said...

check my bloggie!!!! ^^

redamethyst said...

Hi, joined the contest too! habol pa ako. heheh

blog about the contest http://redcontestcraze.blogspot.com/2010/07/giveaway-from-vegas.html

I followed you already, redamethyst/marose

link on my sidebar already. :http://redcontestcraze.blogspot.com

subscribed to your feeds: redamethyst.subscribe@gmail.com