August 18, 2017

7 Family Friendly Fall Activities

What do you do when it’s not quite pumpkin carving season, but you don’t want to be stuck trying to entertain the kids at home all weekend?
With school starting and the weather cooling down, you’ll want some fun fall activities that you can do with your family. Take a look at some of these fun ideas that children of all ages, and even the parents, can enjoy.
1. Corn Mazes
Some corn mazes start as early as the beginning of September. Find a maze near you and take the whole family. Split up into teams to play hide and seek, or have a competition to see who can make it out of the maze the quickest.
2. Go Apple Picking
Fall is the season for apples! Take your family to a nearby orchard and pick apples to make pies, applesauce, apple juice, or just to eat.
3. Go on a Hike
Take your family hiking. With different apps like TrailLink, you can find fun hikes close to you for varying difficulty levels, from beginners to expert. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy what nature has to offer.
4. Fall Crafts
Feeling crafty? Make some fun fall crafts with your kids, like a pinecone bird feeder or a scarecrow to decorate your front porch with.
5. Baking
Teach your kids how to bake some yummy fall treats. Make an apple or pumpkin pie, pumpkin cranberry bread, chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, leaf-shaped sugar cookies. The possibilities are endless.
6. Make Costumes
Get a head start on your Halloween costumes. They are so much more fun when you’ve made your own. Have your kids brainstorm ideas for what they want to be (2-3 ideas in case they can’t find what they’re looking for) and then take them kids shopping to look for different pieces to build their costumes. Or just make costumes for fun to play in!
7. Build a Fire
Go out to the country, or your own backyard if you have the space, and have a bonfire with your family. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows and just enjoy each other’s company.

Just because it’s not a holiday season yet and summer will be over doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

August 11, 2017

Quick and Inexpensive Tips for Beautifying Your Yard

The front yard is usually the first thing a person sees when visiting your home. It is the only thing that passersby see. So why not make it a beautiful sight for them, and you every time you walk outside. You don’t have to be retired and spending every waking hour with your lawn and garden to make it a sight worth beholding.
Try some of these quick and inexpensive tips from a business for lawn maintenance in Idaho Falls to beautify your yard on your own.
Add flowers, bushes, trees, and shrubbery to your yard. Add color and variety to your yard with the use of different plants. You can even choose plants that self-seed and come back annually, creating less work for yourself next year.
Use mulch in your flower garden. Not only does it keep the weeds at bay, but it helps provide nutrition to your flowers, resulting in more vibrant colors.
Create Edges
Break up your yard with edges. Use bricks or rocks to outline your lawn or flower gardens. Create new spaces in your yard with the use of edges.
Create a Path
Is there a lot of foot traffic that goes through your yard? Use stones, gravel, dirt, or other materials to create a path that welcomes that traffic. Line it with plants or rocks for added decoration.
Add Décor
Add décor for focal points in your yard. Use an antique looking bird bath, a cute wooden bench, large rocks, a fire pit, or anything that you like that can add a little character, or even functionality if you have people over often.
Does your hose just trail along the side of the house? Do you have garden tools strewn about like they’re nobody’s business? Try adding some organization with a hose box, a small shed, or this DIY Pallet Garden Tool Organizer.
Use Pots
Put bushes and flowers in pots to add some depth and variety.
Take the time to enjoy your beautiful yard with some cute chairs or that bench mentioned earlier. Again, if you have people over often and want to enjoy the outdoors, add seating that compliments your yard.
Brighten it up
Brighten up shady spots in your yard with some light-colored ground plants.

Don’t wait to have the yard that you want. You can get started on all of these tips today.

July 28, 2017

5 Virtual Races That Give Back

Running in a race can be an intimidating endeavor for some. The adrenaline, the crowds and the pressure can often be overwhelming. But what if you could run a race on your own time, get a medal, and all the while support a charity? Sounds pretty cool right? The team at Teton Foot & Ankle Center, a podiatrist in Idaho Falls, encourage everyone to stay healthy and active this summer, and suggest a few charities you can run for through virtual races.
Human Trafficking Awareness
Human slavery is often thought to be a thing of the past, however even in today’s society there are people entrapped by human traffickers. From working on farms and plants, to selling their bodies to strangers, victims of human trafficking need our help. Your virtual race can help support Polaris, a global leader for fighting modern slavery.
Skin Cancer Awareness
Sun safety is highly overlooked and underestimated. Skin cancer is very real and effects thousands of people worldwide. This virtual race helps spread awareness of the seriousness of skin cancer, and helps people learn more on how to properly protect yourself from damaging UV rays.
Suicide Prevention Awareness
Suicide is a very hard thing to predict or prevent. Funds from your virtual race can help the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention research, educate, and advocate for suicide prevention. Increased understanding of suicide can help researchers prevent these tragedies, and your virtual race is one step you can take to being a part of the cause.
Veterans Awareness
Our US veterans have sacrificed more than their fair share for this beautiful country, and the funds from your virtual races benefit the Fisher House Foundation. Giving back to those who fought for, and continually protect our freedoms is an honor, and we hope you feel pride when running your virtual race.
Wildlife Awareness
Raising awareness for the world’s endangered species, the wildlife awareness virtual race donates all earned funds to The Oceanic Preservation Society and the Wildlife Conservation Network. It is said that “in the next 100 years we could lose 50% of all species on earth.” This is a great cause to support, and a great virtual race!
All races can be found at Always make sure you are fit to run. If you are in need of a sports medicine doctor, foot and ankle specialist or other specialty doctor, consult before strenuous activity.

July 14, 2017

Tips for Better Skin

Your skin plays a huge roll in your overall appearance and well-being. It can make you look younger or older than you really. Unfortunately, too many people overlook a good skin care routine and don’t give their skin a second thought until problems arises. This is a real shame since a lot of skin problems can be avoided with proper care. Thankfully, the following tips will help you keep your skin will look young and healthy for years to come. Don’t delay, but your best face forward starting today!

Get out the SPF
SPF is a vital part of making sure your skin is looking its best and healthy. Even if you’re not planning on being out in the sun for too long, or if it’s a cloudy day, a bit of SPF will help ensure you’re protected from those harsh UV rays that can cause premature aging and skin cancer. Most experts recommend wearing an SPF of at least 30. Make sure to apply it all over your face, neck, and ears.

Don’t Forget your Neck
Your neck should be a major part of your skin care regiment since your neck’s appearance drastically age you. This may have to do with the fact that the skin on the next is rather thin so it amplifies even the smallest wrinkle or imperfection. Find a good neck cream by reading neck tightening cream reviews and then apply it has directed on the package. This will help prevent those annoying skin imperfections on your neck.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Applying moisturizer regularly will go a long way to helping your skin stay healthy, while preventing premature aging. Apply the moisturizer twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed, for best results. You should avoid moisturizers that contain heavy fragrances and dyes since these can actually irritate your skin and cause more harm than good.

Maintain a Healthy Diet
What you put into your body plays a big role in the overall look of your skin. That is why it is important to put down the junk food and pick up fresh vegetables and fruits. For example, ingredients that contain omega-3 fatty acid, such as flax seeds, will improve your skin’s ability to keep a hold of moisture. A little bit of research will show you which foods are best for flawless skin.

June 23, 2017

Apps to Help You Learn

There was once a time where, if you wanted to learn something, you either head to find a school that was providing a course at the right time or you have to find somebody who was an expert on the matter and pay them for private lessons or tutoring.
With the invent of the smartphone, however, the world of learning changed. Apps are now available to teach you almost anything that you can want to learn. Below are our pick of the best apps to help you learn.
Memrise (Language Learning)
For people who want to learn a language, there are a number of apps that can help. However, if you are wanting to learn a specific local dialect of a language, then this is the app that you need to use. Memrise using a unique platform where the company doesn’t create any of the lessons. Instead, first-language speaking locals use the tools to create flashcards with relevant terms, phrases, and words. These make up the language learning packages that you can use.
The obvious benefit to using an app like this is that you can narrow down your language selection. For example, if you want to travel to Mexico then you will struggle to find learning apps that are focused on the accent and dialect. However, Memrise offers a number of language learning packs dedicated to Mexican Spanish. The same applies for other languages and dialects around the globe.
Songterr Guitar Tabs (Music Learning)
Of all the instruments to learn, Guitar is one of the most popular. And if you have just taken advantage of the discounts at the Groupon Coupons page for Guitar Center and are now looking at a shiny new guitar, we have just the app to show you how to play it! Songterr Guitar Tabs has a spot on this list because of the comprehensive selection of tracks that you can play. More specifically, the app allows you to choose what part of the song you want to play; be it the lead guitar or the bass guitar.
Further, it also allows you to download these tracks for offline use and then play them at half speed. This is a great way for beginners to learn popular songs without the stress of jumping straight in and playing it at full speed.
How to Draw (Art & Creativity Learning)
There are some people who are just natural born artists. These are the people who can take a piece of paper and a pencil and turn it into a masterpiece. Well, at least an accurate and recognizable image. Then, of course, there are the rest of us who wouldn’t know how to draw hands and fingers if our life depended on it!
For those of us, the app is called How to Draw.  One of the greatest benefits to this app is that it starts with the very basics, stick figures. Then, at your leisure, you can move between classes and programs that teach you how to draw more complex objects, including 3D objects and shadows.

The internet and touchscreen devices have changed the way people learn. If there is a subject or hobby that you have been interested in pursuing, believe us, there is an app that can help!

June 13, 2017

6 Pieces of B.Young Clothing For Your Summer Wardrobe

The sun is shining; the birds are singing; the summer fashionista is standing in front of her closet and wondering what to wear. If you're in a similar boat, it helps to buy from brands like B.young. They offer a wide range of hip, affordable clothing, including the following items:

1. Sandrie Tunic Dress
Throw it over your bikini. Pair it with some leggings and flats. This round-shouldered tunic dress is the very definition of versatile, so you're sure to appreciate it when you're testing different outfits before the mirror.

2. Hiza Shirt
This shirt is great for both the beach and the office. Its structure gives it a bit of formality, but its asymmetrical striped pattern means that it'll suit casual occasions as well. Invest in the Hiza Shirt if you like multipurpose clothing that can be worn the entire summer.

3. Donna Shorts
High-waisted shorts will give your outfit a greater sense of style than a simple pair of board shorts or daisy dukes. They're trendy and youthful, but they're also plain enough to be worn with a variety of tops, sandals and swimwear. Consider the Donna shorts during your next shopping spree.

4. Silado Waistcoat
This long white waistcoat is a great layering item with summer outfits. Despite its size, the Silado Waistcoat is made of a light, breathable fabric blend that won't stifle you in the heat. It doesn't even fasten in the front, so you won't have to worry about getting too hot under the collar!

5. Valyssa Scarf
Who says that you have to give up scarves during the summer? This breezy knit accessory will protect your neck from sunburn without overheating your skin. It can be tied, twisted and folded in all kinds of ways, so its final look is entirely your choice.

6. Horizon Pants
Ankle-cut trousers can be a nice compromise between your personal and professional fashion needs. They're fine for the office when paired with a dress shirt, but they can also be worn with a tight tank and jewelry to show off your curves. Everyone wins with Horizon pants!

These are just a few items from B.young that you won't want to miss. They're sure to make you stand out from the crowd as you enjoy summertime activities like walking the boardwalk and lounging on the beach, so have fun choosing your exact ensembles from this fun brand in the UK!

June 6, 2017

How to Come Up with Great Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

From a sentimental willow tree collection, to a memorable book of great moments, there are some amazing gifts that you could get your loved ones. However, the dilemma seems to be what to get your loved ones specifically. Keep reading to discover how you can come up with great gift ideas for the people that matter most in your life.

Get to Truly, Deeply Know Your Loved Ones
Your loved ones are often taken for granted because they are always there, which means you sink into a comfortable belief that they will be there forever. However, that is simply not the case. So, you need to get to know your loved ones and cherish their quirks, uniqueness, and interests. Ask in-depth questions, have deep conversations, and really get to know them on multiple levels.

Ask Around to Their Closest Companions
It might take some time, but ask around to other friends and family. Delve into the hobbies, interests, and past conversations of your loved ones and try to find out what they would love as a gift. Usually, spouses and decade-long friends can provide the most accurate gift ideas. However, you could also ask new friends, since these types of pals are just getting to know a person, so they have fresh entail into what that person enjoys.

Look at Their Wish Lists
Nowadays, everyone has an online wish list somewhere. Whether it be on Amazon or Target, there are wish lists galore for occasions just like this one. If all else fails, search through their wish lists to find things that your loved one really wants. You can peruse music, movies, books, and other cool things at your leisure, while sticking within a specific budget.

Compile a Care Package of Favorites
If you find out that your loved one loves many things, consider a care package of multiple favorites. For instance, if they love sweets, literature, classic movie monsters, and nature, you could gift them with chocolates, an awesome book, a horror movie, and flowers in one gift basket. Be imaginative and really think about what you want to put in your care package.

There are dozens of different things you can gift your loved ones, if only you can find out what they want the most. Make it something bold and sentimental. Or, go with useful and practical. Whatever your gift may be, it should make them smile. That’s your goal.

May 10, 2017

4 Things You Must Experience at a Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festivals give you the opportunity to let your inner nerd shine through with others just like you. There are dozens of cool things to do, but only a handful of things that you absolutely must experience. The below-mentioned article goes into detail about what you should seek out and experience when you visit the Renaissance Faire.

So Much Yummy Food!
Renaissance noblemen and noblewomen gorged on gigantic, juicy turkey legs, tall pints of mead, and lots of pies, pasties, fruits, and meaty goodness. The same can be said for the visitors at the Faire. There are rows of food shacks in a single section of any given festival. And, while turkey legs are definitely the ultimate, delicious go-to for an afternoon lunch, vegetarians have a selection of grilled corn and bread bowl soups to choose from.

Interact with the Characters
For most Renaissance performers, the Faire is their one and only job. So, interact with them. And, if you love their performance and characters, tip them kindly so they can continue their antics on the road wherever the festival takes them. You will see jugglers, acrobats, commoners, painters…you name it, and the Renaissance era had it.

Play Dress Up to Blend In
The first thing you notice at the Renaissance Faire is the costumes. The characters are decked out in their plumed skirts and feathered hats, but regular, everyday people also join in the fun with their own renditions of medieval cosplay. Take a note from the books of your fellow Ren Fest nerds and try on some Renaissance dresses, robes, or pant outfits. The vendors have costumes to fit a wide range of sizes, and you can rent the outfit for the day.

Catch the Amazing Shows
As mentioned above, most of the Renaissance Festival performers are actors and entertainers for a living. And their shows are often comedic, daring, and awe-inspiring. From singing nuns, to comedy acts from Tortuga, there are several scheduled shows you can catch by simply walking around the Faire perimeters. Be sure to tip the actors at the end when they, literally, pass around their hats and baskets.

The Renaissance Festival is a fun and exciting place, where you can experience the humor and raucous era that are now the stuff of legends. From storytellers with tales to weave, to knights in full armor awaiting a joust, and even a pirate or two, make sure you bask in and truly enjoy the fun and fancy-free atmosphere that awaits you at the Ren Faire.

April 8, 2017

Need a Reliable Kustom Amplifiers?

When I play my guitar, I only use Kustom Amps. It is important to use a quality amp so my guitar sounds good. I use these amps when I play at the music festival, and any other place I play. My band members use these amps as well. We all like to use the Kustom Amps when playing because from our perspective, we get the best sound.

March 9, 2017

G Bone Pedal Board with Carry Bag

When it comes to choosing which audio gear and equipment to buy for live gig and performances, musicians consider a number of things and of them is how convenient it is to use. Bringing music gear and equipment to different venues is not an easy task and musicians would prefer to use high quality music gear that are convenient to carry around. If you are looking amplifiers and effects such as the gator g bone pedal board that you can use for your live performances, then you can buy them online from a reputable online retailer. Browse through their website and order the equipment that you need for all your gigs.